When To Plant Primroses

When To Plant Primroses

Want to add some primroses to your garden but not sure when is the best time to plant primroses? Then this is the article for you, let’s have a look and find out when the best time to plant primroses is.

When To Plant Primroses
When To Plant Primroses

Seed or Plant?

This is the main question that will decide when you should plant your primroses, are you growing new plants from seed or planting out young plants?

If you are planting out already developed, young primroses then you will usually be planting them out in the spring. This is when they will be available to buy in garden centers and they can be bought and planted out immediately.

You can plant primroses out in the autumn but you are much less likely to find them for sale anywhere, so unless you have your own stock then you will probably be planting them in the spring.

When growing primroses from seed it is advisable to start them in the autumn, for the best chance of success you are better off growing the seeds in a tray and then planting young plants out in spring.

Sow under cover in a greenhouse, polytunnel, or even a cold frame. They are hardy plants but need a little help when growing from seed. This obviously depends on what zone you garden in, my advice is based on my zone 9A. If you are somewhere warmer then you will stand a much better chance of being able to sow them outdoors.

Where to plant?

You want to plant your primroses in a semi-shady spot with decent drainage. These plants love growing around trees and as such can tolerate a bit of shade.

The warmer the zone you garden in the shadier spot you will have to plant primroses in. These are cold tolerant plants and do not enjoy being in direct, scorching sunlight.

You want decent drainage because they can be susceptible to crown rot if they get waterlogged.

Saying all of that, primroses are a tough plant and actually quite easy to grow, so pick some up from your local garden center and get them planted for a splash of spring color.


Primrose seeds should be sown in autumn. The plants can be planted out in autumn or spring but you are much more likely to find plants for sale in the spring. You can buy them and pop them out into the garden straight away for a nice splash of immediate color when there is precious little else around.