When To Divide Rudbeckia

When To Divide Rudbeckia?

Is your rudbeckia getting a little too big for its boots? Starting to take up too much room? Or are the flowers getting a little small? It’s time to divide your rudbeckia, but when is the best time to divide rudbeckia?

When To Divide Rudbeckia?

Spring is the best time to divide rudbeckia as it gives your plants a full season to recover from the trauma and put on new growth. This helps them to be really well established before winter rolls around again.

April is about the time I normally divide rudbeckia, but it can also depend a lot on the weather that year. If we are getting late frosts or really poor wet weather then just delay dividing your plant for a couple of weeks.

The dividing of rudbeckia can also be done in the autumn but I prefer spring as it gives the plants longer before winter to recover. If you missed dividing your plants in spring though then feel free to go for it in the autumn.

Why Divide Rudbeckia

To start with it can turn into a very large plant after a few years and can start dominating the border, so dividing it helps you to keep it more controllable.

One of the main reasons though is for the health of the plant. Older rudbeckia tends to start producing fewer and fewer flowers and the ones that they do produce are much smaller.

Dividing the plant rejuvenates it and it almost becomes a brand new plant again.

How To Divide Rudbeckia

Use a garden fork and gently lift your rudbeckia roots. Go as wide as possible when digging in order to preserve the roots of the plant as much as possible.

You then need to cut all those roots up into smaller plants. Sometimes you can just go full hulk mode and rip it apart with your hands, but the more civilized way is to use a handsaw. Then you can just replant the fresh plants as usual.

Water well while they are establishing, remember they have just lost a huge chunk of their root structure and what is left is now damaged so give them a helping hand.