What Colors Do Dahlia Flowers Come In

What Colors Do Dahlia Flowers Come In?

I have a confession, I have a dahlia addiction. I can’t stop adding them to my garden, one thing that never helps is just how many colors they come in. There is always one that fits perfectly in a new spot, but what if you’re not aware of all the colors that dahlias come in? Well, that is where this guide comes in and will feed your Dahlia addiction too, welcome to the club!

What Colours Do Dahlia Flowers Come In?

Dahlias come in many different colors but there are a few groups that most fit into. There are white, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple, and cream dahlias.

There are then hundreds of sub-colors that fall under the main categories above, so as you can probably guess by now when it comes to dahlias your color choice is almost unlimited.

Below I will post a few different pictures of various colors of dahlia just to whet your appetite.

Plus many more colors available, I hope this started the cogs turning a little and you never know, you might soon be a dahlia addict like me!