How Tall Do China Asters Get

How Tall Do China Asters Get?

Planning out your garden can be a difficult task and one of the most important factors to keep in mind is plant height. Getting the right plants in the right spot can make or break a garden, so you need to know how tall certain plants can get, take China Asters for example, how tall do they get? let’s take a look and find out.

How Tall Do China Asters Get
How Tall Do China Asters Get

So, How Tall Do China Asters Get?

Well, the answer depends on the variety grown. There are dwarf China Asters and regular China Asters.

Dwarf varieties of China Aster will only grow to around 10″ tall whereas regular China Asters grow to around three feet quite regularly.

Depending on the weather and also your sol conditions they can grow taller than this still, but for an average summer, most will usually top out below three feet. Around two and a half feet is quite an average height for a China Aster to reach.

Different Varieties, Different Sizes

Even among regular-sized China asters, there is still a lot of variation in size from variety to variety.

Two types I really like to grow are Peony and Queen of the market. The Peony asters are always taller than the queen of the market ones, sometimes by as much as a foot even though they are both regular-sized China asters.

So my advice would be to check the seed packet if possible as it will usually have the average height of the fully grown plants listed on it.


There are regular-sized china asters and dwarf china asters available. Regular china asters will reach a height of 2.5 feet whereas dwarf varieties usually come in around 10″. Even then though there can be further variation in height among different varieties in each group so make sure to check the seed packet!