Do Rudbeckia Come Back Every Year

Do Rudbeckia Come Back Every Year?

Just had a wonderful display from your Rudbeckia and now wondering if you can expect the same next year? Does rudbeckia come back every year? Let’s have a look and find out.

So, Do They?

Yes, most Rudbeckia are herbaceous perennials. This means they will lose all of their above-ground growth every winter but come back the following spring.

I say most rudbeckia because there are a few rudbeckia varieties that are really annuals in all but the hottest of zones.

It tends to be that the more colorful rudbeckia, like your oranges and purples, are often grown as annuals whereas the classic yellow and black plants are perennials, this isn’t always true but more often than not it is.

Hardy Rudbeckia

This information is true for hardy rudbeckia which are strong enough to survive over winter in Zones 4+. There are also half-hardy or non-hardy rudbeckia which will not survive winter outdoors unless in a warm zone.

These plants will die off and will not come back every year. A lot of the common Rudbeckia varieties grown in the USA are fully hardy or at least half hardy.

There is rudbeckia that can be grown in Zones 3 through to 9 with pretty much all rudbeckia being fine in zones 5-8.

Just make sure to check the label or the description before buying a rudbeckia if you only want a hardy plant or garden in a cold zone.

More On Rudbeckia

Rudbeckia is a member of the Asteraceae family, which is a huge family of plants by the way, along with asters, calendula, and daisies.

Rudbeckia is a very popular species of plant, they look gorgeous and are easy to grow, two factors that will always lead to popularity.

They are not too fussy when it comes to growing conditions and can thrive in a wide range of soils. Give them some sun and okayish soil and they will, more often than not, be just fine.