Do China Asters Need To Be Pinched?

Do China Asters Need To Be Pinched?

Pinching out the growing tips of some flowers is a really effective way of encouraging the plant to grow “out” and bushier, rather than tall. But do you need to pinch out China Asters? let’s have a look and find out.

Do China Asters Need To Be Pinched?
Do China Asters Need To Be Pinched?

Should You Pinch Out China Asters?

No, China asters do not need to be pinched. They can be allowed to grow naturally and pinching out is not advised with this flower.

Supporting Taller Plants

If you are worried about your China asters getting too tall and flopping over then rather than pinching them out you should provide support.

When China asters are grown commercially they are supported by plant netting. The netting is placed while the plants are young and they then grow through it.

There should be one lot of netting about 5-10cm above the ground and then another rlot of netting at about 30cm from the ground.

As the plants grow through this netting they will get ample support.

If you don’t want to do this form of support then using something like a tomato cage is a great way to support China asters.

Deadhead Regularly

Unlike pinching out, which is to promote bushier growth, deadheading is done to promote flowering and this should be done with china asters.

As the flowers start to die they should be removed before they have a chance to turn to seed. What this does is stop the flower from being able to put its energy into seed production.

All flowers want to reproduce, and china asters do this by creating seeds. By removing dead flowers before they get a chance to turn to seed the plant will put its effort into creating new flowers.

This means more flowers for us as gardeners to enjoy, and who doesn’t want that? As a side note, China aster blooms make excellent cut flowers. They look great in a vase but just as importantly they can look good for a really long time once cut!