Can lupins be moved

Can Lupins Be Moved?

If the spot you chose for your lupins isn’t quite right then you will be thinking of moving them. but is this possible? Can lupins be moved without killing the plant? Let’s have a look and find out.

Can You move Lupins?

Yes, you can move lupins. You need to do it at the right time of year and follow a few simple steps but it can easily be done.

Like I said you need to move them at the right time of year. As with most perennial flowers autumn is a good time to move lupins.

How To Move Lupins

So now that you know that they can be moved the next question becomes how to move your lupins. I have a handy little guide below for you.

How to move lupins

A quick and easy-to-follow guide for moving lupins successfully.

Remove Leafy Green Growth

If your lupin still has lots of green leafy growth on it then you will want to remove lots of this before transplanting it. This growth will be hard for the plant to maintain once moved and will end up hindering it rather than helping it.

Give Them A Soak

before digging your lupins give them a good soak, a nice rainy day is actually the perfect time to move a lupin as the rain will keep everything nice and wet for you.

Dig Them Up

Dig a large area around the base of the lupin and gently pull it up, aiming to keep as much of the root structure intact as possible.

Dig A New Hole

Then dig a large hole wherever you are planning on moving the lupin to.

Give Them Another Soaking

Once dug give the hole a really good soaking before planting your lupin. After that fill the hole around the lupin with compost and gently press down the soil around the plant with your feet.

Keep Watering Over The Next Few Weeks

I always make sure anything that has been moved or transplanted is kept well watered. This is because you have just damaged the roots and as such, the plant won’t be able to take up as much water as it used to.

We can help counteract the effects of this, albeit only partially, by giving the plant plenty of regular watering.

Why move lupins?

There are a few reasons why you might want to move your lupins. Maybe they are too close together and you want to move them further apart to increase the size of blooms on your plant.

Maybe your lupins have self-seeded but are not quite in the right spot and now you need to move the plant. Or maybe you just fancy a change, that’s good enough reason to move them all on its own!

When Can I Move A Lupin?

The best time to move lupins is in the autumn. This gives the plant a little bit of time to establish new roots while the soil is still warm and before the plant goes dormant for the winter.

Can I Move An Established Lupin?

yes, you can move a lupin even when it is well established. While you are at it why not cut off a little bit of the root, around 2 inches square, and plant it on.

This will then grow into a whole new plant with the same color flowers, which isn’t the case if you try to grow lupins from the seed pods.

Can I Move Lupins In Spring?

While this is the wrong time of year to move lupins and I would strongly advise that you move them In autumn you can still do it.

You have a much higher risk of killing the plant but they can be moved. Just be extra careful and give the plant lots of care and attention after you have moved it.

More on Lupins

Originally hailing from the Mediterranean Lupins are a perennial that will greet you with a gorgeous display year after year.

They produce a large flowering spike that is full of color and each plant can have lots of these spikes leading to a fabulous display. They will begin to flower around may and can last well into June or even longer depending on your locations.

The flowers do go to seed quite quickly but your lupin will continue to produce more and more new spikes.

To get the best out of these spikes though it is essential to deadhead the old spikes to give the new ones a chance to flourish.

Also cutting your lupins back in autumn can help them the following spring.