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How Long Do Lupins Last?

If you have been enjoying the blooms on your lupins for a few years now then your mind may start to wander and wonder how much longer you will be able to enjoy this plant. After all how long do lupins last? Let’s have a look and find out and also see if there is anything you can do to make your ...

What To Do With Lupins After Flowering

Lupins provide a stunning flowering display which is what makes them so popular with gardeners up and down the USA. But what do you do with lupins once they have finished flowering and the slower spikes are starting to die off? Let’s have a look below.What to do with lupins after flowering...

Are Lupins Poisonous?

Lupins create gorgeous flowering spikes, but are these beautiful flowers also dangerous? Are lupins poisonous? Let's have a look and find out.are lupins poisonousSo, Are Lupins Poisonous?Do not panic though and go digging up your lupins immediately, very large quantities would have ...

Can Lupins Be Moved?

If the spot you chose for your lupins isn't quite right then you will be thinking of moving them. but is this possible? Can lupins be moved without killing the plant? Let's have a look and find out.Can lupins be movedCan You move Lupins?Like I said you need to move them at the right ...

Can You Grow Lupins From The Seed Pods?

Everybody loves lupins, but what you might not love so much is having to buy new seeds when your plants start to reach the end of their life. An easy solution to this would be growing new plants from the seed pods on your plants, but is this possible? Can you grow lupins from the seed pods? Let's ...

Can Lupins Be Grown In Pots?

Lupins are wonderful plants and they improve any garden, but they do grow quite large. For this reason, many gardeners wonder whether you can grow them in pots, or are they simply too large? Well, I ran an experiment where I attempted to grow some lupins in different-sized pots, read on to see ...